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Practical tip: This is how you can use our hydrogen peroxide and other products for circulatory disorders!

Application: Apply our hydrogen peroxide undiluted with the 3.5% solution over a large area and let it soak in!

Note: In places with small injuries, it can burn or foam white! (Disinfection)

The palms of the hands can also burn, as oxygen is stored in the cornea, this subsides within 20-30 minutes!

Proceed as follows: If necessary, start with the lower legs first, then increase it by including the thighs! You could also include the stomach, upper body and finally the arms! - The more the merrier!

Another measure could be the following:

Circulatory disorders result from the following conditions:

  • Excessive acidity in the blood and also in the tissue (cellulite) through the consumption of flour products, dairy products, fish, meat, poultry, asparagus, carbonated drinks, etc.
  • Or too much exercise / stress in the absence of oxygen, stress, not enough sleep at the wrong time!
  • A factor that is often underestimated is excess calcium! Because calcium is a blood clotting factor, with simultaneous osteoporosis!
    This is not a contradiction, because with magnesium deficiency and vitamin D3 deficiency, the calcium cannot be kept or built into the bones! This means that there is too much calcium in the blood, which can even be seen very well in a haamine analysis!

Now back to the recommendation, what is the best way to get acidity under control!

Base wraps are a very good way to deacidify!

There are base stumps from Jentschura. This in about 1.5 liters of osmosis or distilled water 3 tablespoons of our


Base Gem Bath. Then heat it up to slightly above body temperature and soak the stockings in it!

Always wear the stockings overnight! By the way, the remaining water (alkaline water) can be warmed up and used every day!

Good instructions are included with the Jentschura base stockings! Again and again such a smaller cure, insert 1 week!

Finally, another blood thinning measure should be mentioned:

Vitamin C plus bioflavonoids! 2000 mg spread over the day, for a lifetime! In America, in private clinics, patients are summoned to vitamin C infusions 1 week before the surgery date. Because the wound healing, for the purpose of better blood circulation, is accelerated 7 times! There are also no more infections!

The willow bark should also be mentioned, as it contains the natural active ingredient ASA without the negative pharmaceuticals!

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Eva Johannes calendar_today

Habe bei Ihnen vor 14 Tagen H2O2 bestellt und wir nehmen täglich 5 Tr.
Nun kommt von Amazon die Warnung, es nicht zu benutzen. Was sollen wir tun?!?Mein Mann und ich sind zutiefst verunsichert. Bitte antworten Sie uns
Mit freundl. Gruß Eva Johannes

Brigitte Giehl calendar_today

Danke für die interessanten Anwendungstipps!

Annemarie Dürr calendar_today

Ja, ich bin an weiteren Tipps interessiert

Uschi Goop calendar_today

Super, Danke für den Tip.

Andrea W calendar_today

Ich finde solche Infos immer super informativ und hätte ich gerne öfter zu allen Themen (gesund Natur)

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