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Attention: Only for Top Affiliates

On this page we would like to introduce you to the HS Activa affiliate program for Top Affiliates and show you why you too should advertise our products...

1. The Revenue Opportunities

Right at the beginning: The cookie duration is 360 days (instead of the usual 30 days)! We grant this long cookie duration only to selected top affiliates! We do this because we appreciate the fact that you bring us new customers. And you too should permanently benefit from it!

Here is an example calculation if you send us 1000 visitors:

clicks purchase rate avg shopping cart commission revenue






Due to the long cookie runtime, you earn every month from the referred customers (for almost 1 year)...

Number of referred customers repurchase rate avg shopping cart commission Recurring revenue per month






After a year...

Number of referred customers repurchase rate avgshopping cart commission Recurring revenue per month






The most important facts at a glance:

✅ Cookie term: 10% for each referred customer - 360 days!

✅ Strong purchase rate: Average conversion rate is around 3% (depending on traffic even higher!)!

✅ Satisfied customers: (Almost) exclusively positive reviews in the shop and at Trusted Shops!

✅ Strong repeat purchase rate: 13% of all customers order every month!

✅ High cart: Average cart loves at 68€!

2. Benefits of our Affiliate Program & Products

In a nutshell: Fair remuneration, high-quality products and a high level of customer satisfaction speak for a long-term cooperation!

✅ 360 days cookie duration: You earn for 360 days from the sales of the referred customers with!

✅ Strong repurchase rate: Through targeted e-mail marketing and remarketing, our customers buy again very often - this also speaks for the product quality!

✅ Close cooperation: We would be happy to create individual voucher codes and advertising material for you!

✅ New products: Our range is currently being greatly expanded. So look forward to further (innovative) products in the health sector. We would also be happy to create products with you!

✅ High quality products: We only use the best ingredients for the maximum benefit of our customers. This is reflected in the positive ratings and the repeat purchase rate!

✅ Many years of experience: The products were and are being developed from the experience of over 28,000 (!) hair analyses!

We currently only accept very selected affiliates in our partner program...

How to apply:

Write an email with the subject "affiliate program" to:

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