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Josef Hölzl & Angelika Fürstler on hydrogen peroxide (Sprossit2022)

In this interview with Angelika Fürstler, Josef Hölzl describes his personal experiences with hydrogen peroxide.

You will learn, among other things:

  • What is hydrogen peroxide anyway?
  • What possible applications are there?
  • What misconceptions are being spread?
  • What is the difference between CDL and hydrogen peroxide?
  • And much more. Enjoy the video!

More information about Angelika Fürstler:

Disclaimer: In this interview, Josef Hölzl describes his personal opinion and experience.

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AngelikA Fürstler calendar_today

Vielen lieben Dank lieber Josef für deine Zeit, Energie & für alles, was du in der Welt bewirkst :) Alles Liebe, AngelikA

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